Results of Southern Area AGM held Sunday 21 June 2020

Clubs approved all the proposals.

The Southern Area Committee is pleased to confirm that :

1.   Mick Leigh has been voted as President of the Southern Area

2.   Martin French has been voted as the new SA Treasurer

3.   The new version of the Constitution has been approved (and will be posted in a new Documents section the on the SA website)

4.  If a volunteer is found for the post of Secretary, they will have the status of Interim    Secretary until the 2021 AGM

Votes cast  for proposals:  1, 3, 4 : unanimous.  For proposal 2 : 9 yes   1 abstention

Clubs approved all the reports

Votes cast for Reports: Unanimous votes for six reports of : Chairs, Coaching, Competitions ,PS&SD, Promotions, Refereeing 

Four Reports with 8 yes votes and 2 abstentions : 2019 AGM Minutes, Finance Report, 

Finance balance sheet, External Examiners financial  report.

Total Votes Possible. The number of A status clubs taken April / May from BJA’s  The Dojo was 75.  Emails for 4 clubs were non- deliverable; attempts were made until 20 June to track down a correct address  without result – giving a maximum of  71 possible votes .

Number of voting forms returned: 10    Hampshire: Matsumachi, Osaka   Kent : Medway Park, Shiro No    Surrey:  Camberley, Croydon   Sussex:  Chichester Ronin, Horsham,  Kin Ryu, Westcroft

Quorate required :  4% of votes required for items  to be approved = 2.84 votes .

Votes returned : 10 – quota met.

This information was emailed to the 71 clubs included in the AGM process, and county secretaries and the SAC on Monday 22 June 2020.

Marion Woodard


 Southern Area