Southern Area AGM: Sun 21 June 2020


It is necessary for the Area to have an AGM so that Clubs can approve the Area’s  Committee and financial reports for the year April 2019 – March 2020, and approve any proposals submitted by clubs or the SA Committee. Only clubs who are BJA  ‘A’ status clubs can make proposals to and vote in the AGM.  

Although there have been indications that some public meetings will be allowed with social distancing, the SA Committee does not want to put the health of SA members at risk by holding a physical AGM. So, as previously stated in the website news section, it will be held using email information and responses with Committee reports being posted on the website. The planned date for the meeting was 14 June, but the lockdown and time taken to collate accurate club data has meant a deferral until Sunday 21 June. 

How will this work?

1.  ‘A’ status Clubs have already been contacted for confirmation of their email address. The Area now has current accurate list of A clubs by counties; the lists have been sent to County Secretaries. 

2.  Clubs Proposals Deadline : 18.00 on Wednesday 27 May.  Clubs can submit proposals for consideration by the AGM; these need to be proposed and seconded by two SA ‘A’ status clubs.  As there will not be a chance for the proposer and seconder to offer reasons for their proposal, please include these in bullet points format.  A contact email address should also be given so that members can ask for clarification. The SA Committee has no Secretary; please send them to Marion Woodard, SA Chair  on  

3. Friday 29 May: the SAC reports, and proposals from the SAC and clubs will be posted  on the website. 

4. Sunday 31 May:  clubs will be emailed links to the SA website. It is not feasible to email clubs with all the attachments, so these will be accessed via the SA website. Included in that email will be a response form listing the reports and proposals for clubs to record if they do / do not accept them.

5.  Sunday 31 May to Wednesday 10 June:  members can ask authors of proposals or reports for clarification.   Authors’ replies will be posted on the website. 

6. Sunday 14 June final versions of reports and proposals will be on the website.

7. Sunday 21 June between 09.00 and 21.00 clubs will return their completed forms to Marion Woodard, SA Chair  on    Replies received outside the 12 hour period will not be included in the vote totals.

8. Tuesday 23 June results of the clubs’ responses will be posted on website and emailed to all clubs. 



  • The Southern Area AGM will be held this year on Sunday 21st June using email format.  The Area’s reports  will be posted on this website with link information and a response sheet being sent directly to all SA clubs of A status.
  • November 21 and 22 : National Kata Course at Croydon Judo Club.The tutor isYoshihiko Iura-sensei, Kodokan 8th danand internationally renowned kata expert.  The first day will be for Ju-no-kata (any level of prior knowledge) ; the second day will be a master class for for nage-no-kata (good prior knowledge essential)  and an introduction to itsutsu-no-kata.   Further details will be published at  a later date; the staging of this course will depend on national Health & Safety requirements. 


BJA Development Officers have been contacting coaches / chairs of English Judo clubs to discuss any problems they are having and offer advice.  Summaries of this information will be sent to Area Committees for further local action.

The English Areas are working jointly with the BJA, the British Judo Trust  and Sport England to  provide some financial support for clubs with significant needs.  Further information will be posted on this site, the SA Public FB page and sent directly to clubs.

Our Southern Area Coach Co-ordinators – Andy Ede for Hampshire and Sussex and Ashley Parrette for Surrey and Kent will be taking the lead on working with coaches – please see the contact page for their details.