Welcome to the website for Southern Area Judo

The Southern Area is a management / representation group of the British Judo Association. It comprises the counties of Hampshire Kent Surrey and Sussex, the Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands.
If you are thinking of taking up judo there are several ways to find a club in your area either
* Contact the Secretary of the Southern Area Committee Chair on email address : martin_rivers@hotmail.com
* Call the British Judo Association; telephone 0121 728 6920
* Follow the link on this SA site for The British Judo Association where you can find information about clubs in your area, how to become a member of the BJA, what benefits you receive from this, coach qualifications, insurance and other key information.
PLEASE NOTE : we are developing sections of this website so full information may not be available in each section but there is a named contact person and email address. If you cannot find the information you require please contact :
SA Chair : Marion Woodard on
mwsachair@gmail.com mobile: 07766 104000
SAC Secretary: Martin Rivers on
Judo developed as a sport from various martial arts, it was a demonstration sport in the 1964 Olympics and it has been in each Olympics since 1972. Judo players ( judoka) try to unbalance their opponents with a range of techniques using movement and gripping to throw them onto the mat. Also, players do groundwork where they win by holding down their opponent. Adult players also learn armlocks and chokeholds. Judo does not involve kicking, hitting or punching.
The benefits of judo have been well documented over many years. Research has shown that judo develops physical skills (speed, agility, stamina, flexibility, co-ordination) and mental benefits of self- confidence, self-discipline, perseverance, and respect for others. Judo is practised by 20 million people worldwide and has been included as a part of education curriculums in many countries across the 5 continents.
We are very proud to have Southern Area Coaches, Players, Competition Technical Officials and Referees working at every level from club and county to national, European and International events. The British Judo Association is affiliated to European Judo Union and the International Judo Federation.