Technical Officials

The following information is taken from the website of the British Judo Association

What does Officiating involve?
There are range of different roles of officiating in judo which determine what responsibilities an individual may have at a competition:

Timekeeper: Responsible for keeping track of the contest time, scores and penalties awarded to each player.
Contest Recorder: Responsible for recording contest results and calling the players to the mat. Contest recorders can also run very small events.
Senior Recorder: Responsible for placing players into and running pools or compound repechage and running medium size events.
Competition Controller: Responsible for the running of larger events. They complete the draw, prepare the timetable, and take overall responsibility for all the officials

Who does the role suit?
Officiating roles suit anyone who is willing to give up their free time to support events. People as young as 10 years of age can become officials. It also suits people who have children or partners who are regularly competing in judo competitions and would rather do something than just be a spectator. You do not have to have ever stepped on a judo mat to be a technical official, including Competition Controller.

In the Southern Area we hold free courses around the Area for people who want to become Technical Officials. There are theory and practical sections to become qualified in each role with the practical parts of the Timekeeper and Contest Recorder roles being taken at County level events.

Full information about how to become a Technical Official is being developed and will be posted soon. However, if you have any immediate queries, please contact the Competition Committee Secretary: Nicky Sexton on

Competitions Committee

Chair: Jean Lingham

Secretary: Nicky Sexton

Hampshire: Andy Grand

Kent: Marcia Mullen

Surrey: Graham Beagley

Sussex: Jeremy Luff