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CONGRATULATIONS to Alan and Jean Lingham, Nicky and Paul Sexton and Martin Rivers
they all won the Gold Awards at the BJA Annual Awards Dinner 2018.
Well done to all, this shows that the Southern Area have the Best officials in the BJA.

We are looking for more officials in the Area for the future, if their are any persons in the Area
who would like to help with Time Keeping, Tables Work or Refereeing
please contact me Dave Stanley Area Chairman on
Without your help we cannot run events.

Also - If any Clubs would like to host any training please contact me.

The Southern Area Committee was formed circa 1960. George Edwards was the first Chairman,
followed by Cliff Baker-Brown, Mick Leigh, Barry James, Alan Rickard and Dave Stanley now in post.

Aim: To provide an all embracing Judo service for members of the Southern Area

1. To organise events
2. To provide coaching courses in each category for officials, coaches, players
3. To safeguard and distribute the financial resources allocated by the B.J.A.
4. To represent the Area's interests nationally and to foster contracts with other Areas and countries.

The Committee comprises a balanced group of experienced judoka who co-operate to implement the outcome of the objectives.
Chair: Dave Stanley  Vice Chair: John Malkinson  Secretary: Marcia Mullen

Treasurer: Richard Anderson  Male Teamsí Manager: John Malkinson  Female Teamsí Manager: Natalie Crispe

Hon Vice President: Graham Turner

CLICK HERE For LIST OF Senior Examiners 2019

Hampshire: Roland Fugh | Email:

Kent: Alan Lingham | Email:

Surrey: Natalie Hall | Email:

Sussex: Jeremy Luff |

Chair: Jean Lingham | Email: |

Secretary: Nicky Sexton | Email: |

Hampshire: Andy Grand | Email: |

Kent: Marcia Mullen | Email: |

Surrey: Graham Beagley | Email: |

Sussex: Jeremy Luff | Email:

Disciplinary & Honours
Chair: Graham Turner | Email: |

Member: Dave Stanley | Email: |

Member: Alan Lingham | Email: |

Member: John Malkinson | Email:|

Finance and General Purpose Committee
Chair: Dave Stanley | Email: |

Member: John Malkinson | Email:|

Member: Ricahrd Anderson | Email:>|

Kata Committee
Chair and Area Kata Coach: Dennis Penfold | Email: |

Area Kata Coach: Tina Penfold | Email: |

Hampshire: Lance Wicks | Email: |

Kent: John Malkinson | Email: |

Surrey: Mike Sexton | Email: |

Sussex: Martin Rivers | Email: |

Personal Safety Coordinator: Rob Murley | Email: |

Promotions and Examiners Committee
Chair: David Stanley | Email:

Director of Examiners & Area Registrar: Graham Turner | Email:

Senior Examiner Trainer: Derek Paxton | Email: |

Senior Examiner Trainer: John Malkinson | Email: |

Chair: Alan Lingham | Email: |

Training Co-ordinator: Andy Tremlett | Email: |

Referee Co-Ordinator / Kent: Graham Holmes | Email: |

Hampshire: Dave Tooby | Email: |

Surrey: Sid Hearsey | Email: |

Sussex: Peter Seymour | Email: |

Web Site, Media & Photogaphers
Website Administrators: Brayden & Dave Quinn

Special Needs Co-Ordinator
Special Needs Co-Ordinator: TBC

County Chair
Hampshire: Adrian Dove | Email: |

Kent: Alan Lingham | |

Surrey: Sheila Hearsey | Email: |

Sussex: Mark Denney | Email: |

Why Not Join Us?

Joining a dynamic sport like judo is one of the greatest things you could ever do if you want to stay fit,
have fun and enjoy soaking up the physical, spiritual and mental benefits
the sport has to offer in many different avenues.

If you are new the very first thing to do is visit a local British Judo Association Club.
Look for a club that appeals to you. It maybe competitive, recreational or social.
Whatever floats your boat.


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